Meteorological Research

Solmirus works with climate scientists to provide instrumentation to facilitate accurate data gathering

Solmirus works closely with climate scientists to provide instrumentation to facilitate data acquisition for meteorology and atmospheric studies. The ASIVA & ASIS are complete scientific research package with many capabilities, primarily deisigned to provide time series retrievals of fractional sky cover during day and night. These capabilities include cloud characterization, cloud temperature measurements, precipitable water vapor and visibility determination, and the measurement of the clear-sky radiance. All of these capabilities and more are provided to the user in a real-time manner with a user-friendly, informative web User Interface.

The ASIVA & ASIS can provide scientists atmospheric research applications with a valuable 180 degree view of the sky and its current conditions. The design of the instrument allows for continuous operation in harsh environments if needed.

Notable characteristics for Meteorologists:
  • Full-sky viewing with Solmirus’ unique all-sky infrared lens
  • Radiometrically-calibrated images for accurate clear-sky, cloud, or other radiance measurements
  • Precipitable water vapor calculated with respect to relevant MODTRAN simulations
  • Cloud cover percentage reporting
  • Cloud height deterimation
  • Cloud temperature (brightness and color)