Atmospheric Science Research

Research-quality all-sky measurements of sky cover, spectral radiance, cloud temperature, cloud height, and optical depth.

Solmirus works closely with atmospheric and climate scientists to provide instrumentation tailored to their data acquisition and research needs. The ASIVA and ASIS instruments are automatic, continuously operating, digital imaging and software systems designed to capture infrared and visible hemispheric sky images. Among other features, the software automatically identifies cloudy and clear regions at user-defined intervals and calculates sky cover and sky quality, providing a real-time display of sky conditions. Other capabilities include cloud characterization, cloud temperature measurements, precipitable water vapor and visibility determination, and the assessment of the clear-sky radiance. All these capabilities and more are provided to the user in a real-time manner with a user-friendly, informative web User Interface.

The ASIVA & ASIS can provide scientists atmospheric research applications with a valuable 180-degree view of the sky and its current conditions. The design of the instrument allows for continuous operation in harsh environments if needed.

Notable characteristics for Atmospheric Scientists:
  • All-sky infrared viewing with Solmirus’ proprietary lens
  • Unique hatch system providing calibrated spectral radiance images yielding unparalleled accuracy in clear-sky identification, cloud identification, and sky/cloud radiance
  • Precipitable water vapor calculated with respect to relevant MODTRAN simulations
  • Sky cover percentage reporting
  • Cloud temperature (brightness and color)
  • Cloud height determination using ancillary from operational site
  • Raw data can be saved for complete post-processing analysis