Scientific instruments engineering company located in Colorado Springs, specializing in advanced infrared and visible imaging technologies and research.

What We Do

Since 2004, Solmirus has developed world-class infrared & visible imaging systems that have pushed the technology and science to new levels. Delivering the world's first infrared all-sky system for 24/7 monitoring, our systems are used globally by science and industry. Our collaborative approach to each installation emphasizes education and complete understanding of the data analysis. This ensures that all our customers can get the most out of our instruments.

Our Goals

Solmirus was created to design and engineer products and solutions for science, engineering and industrial applications utilizing infrared technologies.

Our continued research and development efforts allow us to expand our imaging technologies as well as innovative solar technologies.

Our Team


Astronomy & Science / Co-Founder

Dr. Klebe is a co-founder of Solmirus and has a rich background in developing custom astronomical instrumentation as well as a frequent contributor to the scientific community, through active participation in local initiatives, public out reach and education. Dr. Klebe holds a PhD. in Astronomy/Astrophysics from the University of Minnesota, and a BS in Physics from UC-Berkeley.


Software & Systems Eng. / Co-Founder

Mr. Brooks is a co-founder of Solmirus and is a computer and software engineer with 25+ years of industry experience spanning embedded systems development to large scale complex solutions. His contributions to Solmirus include software development, solution architecture and project management. Mr. Brooks holds a MSE in Computer Engineering and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.


Mechanical & Industrial Design

Industrial designer specializing in electro-mechanical devices, product prototypes and interactive exhibits. Gizmo-guru with a background in fine arts and art education. Mid-century design fanatic and three-time RallyCross national champion.


Electrical & Controls Engineering

Mr. Brooks brings over a decade of control & systems design, engineering and implementation to the Solmirus team. He has extensive experience in military, government and industry applications - including video/optical, software and physical security systems. Mr. Brooks holds a BS in Software Engineering from Colorado Technical University.


Contributing Scientist

Dr. Pauliquevis is an Associate Professor of Universidade Federal de São Paulo (Federal University of Sao Paulo - UNIFESP), in Brazil. He runs scientific research dealing with cloud properties in the tropical belt, with special interest in the Amazon basin (but also in other areas of South America). Dr. Pauliquevi's group owns an ASIVA instrument and permanently works in the generation of new products with the Sky Camera, as well as investigation on the diurnal cycle of clouds in the context of deep convection.