All Sky Infrared Visible Analyzer


The Solmirus All Sky Infrared Visible Analyzer (ASIVA) is a multi-purpose visible and infrared sky imaging and analysis instrument designed to operate autonomously or as a component in an instrument cluster. The ASIVA is a ground based cloud detection and sky analysis system with applications ranging from astronomy, to solar forecasting, to a variety of meteorological applications.

The ASIVA is an innovative instrument that can be customized to your research or application needs. Encompassing several configuration options, imaging parameters and on-board data product calculation capabilities - the ASIVA is designed to fit seamlessly into your application or data collection workflow.


Data Products / Measurement

  • Cloud/no cloud reporting
  • Cloud cover and height determination
  • Photometric quality assessment
  • Sky opacity/transmission determination
  • Visible/IR image correlation and integration
  • Water vapor and ozone determination
  • Sky/cloud temperature (brightness and color) measurements
  • All sky (180 degree field-of-view) radiometric maps and analysis
  • Further capabilities currently undergoing research, design, and implementation:
  • Predictive cloud cover reporting
  • More on Infrared Analysis ...

The ASIVA’s primary functionality is to provide radiometrically calibrated imagery in the mid- infrared (mid-IR) atmospheric window, which stretches from 8-13 microns (μm). A thermal IR imager has the distinct advantage of directly detecting emission from clouds, rather than relying on scattered light or obscured starlight, and does not suffer from the presence of the Moon (nor the Sun), thus providing consistent and reliable information under a wide variety of conditions.

The ASIVA instrument also includes a highly capable visible subsystem consisting of a 6 - megapixel monochrome cooled CCD detector coupled with a 180 - degree high quality lens. The visible lens has been desisgned to ensure water tightness. A protective glass dome can also be used to ensure that the visible system is completely waterproof but sacrifices optical performance. An optional eight - position filter wheel for use with 1 - inch filters is also available. Other visible subsystem configurations are available upon request such as color CCD and CMOS detectors .

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: base unit ~250lbs (configuration dependent)
  • Peltier heating/cooling subsystem
  • Weatherproof
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Dimensions: 33”W x 24”D x 42”H
  • Power: 120/230V
  • Mounting: stainless steel base (with mounting holes)
  • On board data analysis and image processing
  • Web based User Interface

System Options

  • Connection type: Ethernet (Fiber/Cat5)
  • Visible/IR filters to suit specific application
  • Software analysis and data product options
  • Precipitation sensor
  • Large capacity storage options
  • Training/Installation/Maintenance plans
  • Optional control computer (multi-system installations)