Astronomical site operations, telescope automation and sky condition reporting.

The Solmirus ASIVA or ASIS (infrared) is a must-have instrument for astronomical observatories. Our instruments provide cloud cover and sky condition data to world class observatories around the globe. Data can be used for scientific and automation tasks for a wide range of observing applications.

We provide observatory operations with valuable data about sky quality, cloud cover and a range of sky measurements. Our thermal IR imager has the distinct advantage of directly detecting emission from clouds rather than relying on scattered light or obscured starlight, thus providing consistent and reliable information under a wide variety of conditions. The unique up-looking all-sky infrared lens captures unobscured hemispherical images. A unique hatch system and calibration procedures provides unparalleled performance in determining sky/cloud radiance. The addition of an ASIVA or ASIS to an observatory enables efficient scheduling, improved data quality, and telescope automation.

Notable characteristics for Astronomers:
  • Coadding capabilities of IR images for improved Signal-to-Noise
  • Superior spectral radiance measurements
  • Sensitivity to thin cirrus clouds
  • Customizable multi-filter analysis in both the infrared and visible spectrum
  • Small cadence time supports real-time reporting
  • Production of high-dynamic range (16-bit) images that support detailed atmospheric research of the site